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In this section you can read Alledia blog posts containing interviews with people in the Joomla world.

Some Big Life Changes

Last July, I turned 40. For some people that’s not a huge milestone, but for me it was. I felt stale and in need of fresh challenges. So from last summer to this summer, I worked on making changes. Some things happened: I bought out my main business partner and made a significant move into […]

Going From 1,000 to 100,000 WordPress Installs

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Building PublishPress

Looking back over the last 18 months, most of the posts on this blog have been about acquisitions. This post has a summary of them all. I should blog more about other things, but the acquisitions have kept me busy!

We’re adopting more extensions at Joomlashack

Over at Joomlashack, we’ve hit on a business model that is working well. Over the last couple of years, we’ve adopted 6 extensions: JCal Pro, jInbound, Shack Forms, Shack Toolbox, Shack Open Graph, and Tabs and Sliders. A few weeks ago, we announced the arrival of 5 more extensions. This week saw the arrival of Shack Locations. Oh, and we’ve adopted […]

Interview with Damian Hickey Founder of Jentla

This is an inteview with Damian Hickey, the founder of Jentla, which is a large-scale multi-site product for Joomla. The Jentla team are launching the product in the U.S. at this week’s CMS Expo in Chicago. 1. Could you explain Jentla in layman’s terms? Jentla makes it really easy to develop and manage 1,000?s of […]

Template Design Class Interview With Rick Blalock

For the first time, we’re expanding the classes we offer at JoomlaTraining.com beyond just beginners classes. On April 22 in Miami, Rick Blalock is teaching a Joomla template design class. He’ll take you from a your basic HTML and CSS knowledge and using hand-on examples, he’ll show how to build a fully-fledged Joomla template. The […]

New University Level Course in Joomla

Recently I found out that Barrie North from Joomlashack was running a university level course in Joomla. The class is “Web 2.0 Marketing with Joomla” and I asked Barrie more about this joomla foray into higher education: 1) How did the idea for a graduate level course come about? I think Jen McKibben originally came […]