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Short on Words and Long on Love

My grandfather Leslie passed away this week at the age of 93. He was a rock for our family, and remained mentally and physically strong until the very end. Even a few days before he passed, he was healthy enough to make a final trip to his favourite holiday town in Devon. We were together […]

Eulogy for My Dad

In many ways, my family and I were very fortunate. My Dad first had cancer in 2000. He went on to survive multiple fights with several forms of cancer. He had 20 years of absolutely world-class medical treatment from England’s National Health Service. We had 20 extra years with him, thanks to that treatment, and […]

Saying Goodbye to Georgia

Next week we leave Georgia after 10 years. My first experience of Georgia was as a kid. My grandparents loved, loved, loved “Gone With the Wind”. They had it on 4 or 5 VHS tapes and watched it almost weekly. Every 40 minutes the movie would stop, they’d get up and put in the next […]

Todd Marrone: There’s Not One Correct Answer

One of my wife’s high school friends, Todd Marrone, passed during Christmas. Todd worked as an art teacher¬†in Philadelphia schools for 15 years. I never met him, but after hearing the news, my wife was telling me about him.¬†She was showing me some of his YouTube videos, including a TED talk from 2011. It’s a […]

6 reasons why I’m not much interested in forks

I’ve been heavily involved with Joomla and, to a lesser extent, Drupal for a good number of years now. During that time, I’ve seen forks come and go but they’ve never really sparked my interested. Here are 6 reasons why: #1. Money. I’ve kids, a wife and a mortgage so I need to pay the […]

On Working From Home

Six years ago, I quit teaching and became a full time web designer. At that point I had three things to my name: An old iBook laptop with more broken keys than working keys. Two months of summer holiday pay from my last teaching job. A spare bedroom to use as an office.