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Logtivity Has Notifications That Work Across All Your Sites

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I’ve been building sites and starting projects for … too many years now. Let’s say 20 years as a conservative estimate. I’ve collected dozens of sites for work, hobbies, side-projects, and for various family members. It’s always been a pain to keep track of them. At least one site every year gets hacked and falls […]

TaxoPress Gets a Big New Feature: Auto Terms

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I posted at the end of last year about a side-project: overhauling the TaxoPress plugin. We continue to make steady progress on this plugin. The most recent new feature is “Auto Terms” which can scan your WordPress content and automatically assign terms. There are lots of ways to get big websites with tons of content. […]

TaxoPress: What it’s Like to Overhaul a Legacy Plugin

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Earlier this year, we took over running Simple Tags, an old WordPress plugin that had 80,000 users, but hadn’t been updated in a long time. We saw a need in WordPress for one plugin that can manage all the taxonomies on your site. A plugin like that would be incredibly useful in organizing large sites. […]

Logtivity is Featured on WPTavern

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Building Logtivity

On Friday, our new Logtivity project was featured on WPTavern. For a start-up, being featured on the Tavern often marks a debut into the WordPress community. Every now and again, some complaints pop up about WPTavern. Mostly they center around the fact that the site is owned by Matt Mullenweg, and there are potential conflicts […]

Logtivity and Easy Digital Downloads User Tracking

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We launched Logtivity in August: it’s a new activity log service that helps you understand exactly what’s happening on your WordPress site. The first version of Logtivity had support for the WordPress core, so it recorded eventss like these: WordPress Core Updated Post Updated Post PublishedAttachment Uploaded Theme DeletedUser CreatedProfile UpdatedPlugin Activated The next big […]