Steve Burge

We acquired Bylines to make PublishPress better

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that we’re spending a lot more time focused on WordPress in 2018.

Our primary plugin focus is PublishPress, a suite of tools enabling WordPress teams to create great content.

To make PublishPress more competitive, we acquired Bylines, from Daniel Bachhuber. By default WordPress only allows one author per post. Bylines allows you to assign multiple authors to a post and publish articles from guest authors. Continue reading “We acquired Bylines to make PublishPress better”

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Diving Into WordPress in 2018

I’ve been deeply involved in Joomla and Drupal for years now.

But our Joomla business is doing really well at the moment, and there’s a great team in place, running the site very effectively.

That’s giving me more time to focus on our WordPress projects this year.

There are some books of course. Genesis Explained is very close to launch, and WordPress Explained is getting a major update. Continue reading “Diving Into WordPress in 2018”

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My Recaps of 2017

I wrote 3 very different year-in-review articles for some of our different businesses.

Joomlashack’s review was standard, showcasing how well things are going. I think it’s important to show that Joomla businesses still can successful.

OSTraining’s review talked about business models. In 2017, we made a major change to focus more on books and partnerships.

PublishPress’s review was a very different type of review. I had written a couple of “We did great!” reviews for 2017, so wanted to show the other side too and write a “We screwed up!” review too.

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Apple Maps Get Creepy

I drive our kids to the school bus stop every morning (yes, that’s very American, I know).

This morning, as I’m pulling out of the garage, I get a notification on my phone:

Your destination is 9 minutes away

What the …? I look more closely and the notification is from Apple Maps. I haven’t opened Apple Maps since 2012. Continue reading “Apple Maps Get Creepy”

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