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Siteground Creates and Promotes Fake Awards

Siteground Awards

We’ve covered Siteground twice before on this blog. The first time I talked with grudging admiration about how they manage to dominate hosting search results by creating fake review sites and putting themselves at #1. Then we looked at how…

Does Siteground Control Mambos Website?

Mambo Logo

Mambo has been dying a slow death since the split from Joomla. In fact, the last time I visited their site was when they were forking again! Its sad to see a once-great project in such a state. Several links… are Major Web Spammers


Why on earth is a major company such as continually allowed to get away with email spam? They have a very sneaky way of making people think they’re unsubscribing, while in fact remaining on WebProNews’ mailing lists indefinitely.

Microsoft Announces a Patent on the term FUD

Microsoft has announced that they’ll be suing open-source companies and bloggers for patent infringement—on 235 patents related to the term FUD. Microsoft has made its broadest challenge to date against free speech, claiming that FUD and related phrases violate Microsoft…