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Quote: Advertisers are Becoming the Media


"Advertisers are finding it cheaper to become the media rather than advertise on it and support its bloat" SEOBook with hat tip to NY Times This is my quote of 2008. I’ve thought about it more than any other because…

Is Google Starting to Ignore Linkbait?

Great quote from Aaron Wall of about how websites who are busy playing the Digg / Reddit game are likely to lose out over the long term to people who are working to establish brands and credibility: 

Great quote from Brian Clark of Copyblogger

Great quote from Brian Clark of Copyblogger fame about how to become an expert: "I was chatting with a friend about this topic recently, and we both came up with same initial answer about becoming an expert—read books … most…

The Most Important Quote I’ve Seen in Months

Sometimes you see a quote that perfectly brings together many varied, trailing thoughts you had yourself, but haven’t been able to sum up. "It takes a hell of a lot of people skills to make money on the internet from…