Author: Steve

Apple (Maps) Get Creepy

I drive our kids to the school bus stop every morning (yes, that’s very American, I know).

This morning, as I’m pulling out of the garage, I get a notification on my phone:

Your destination is 9 minutes away

What the …? I look more closely and the notification is from Apple Maps. I haven’t opened Apple Maps since 2012.

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My love / hate relationship with wearables in 2015

Last Christmas, I got a Fitbit as a gift.

This Christmas, I got an email saying that my 4th Fitbit has shipped.

TheĀ devices were great and the customer support was excellent, but the devices were just fragile.

That pretty much sums up my experience with wearables in 2015: I use them all the time and they break all the time.

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Open source has reach, but no influence

Take a brief look at the web today and you might think open source has a lot of influence:

  • Swift is open source, from Apple.
  • HHVM is open source, from Facebook.
  • Android is open source, from Google.
  • Bootstrap is open source, from Twitter.
  • .Net is open source from Microsoft.

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Welcome to my #firstworldproblems post.

I make a good living, sitting At my desk all day. I can take breaks at any time and eat whatever I want.

I’ve nothing to complain about except a lack of self-discipline. That freedom to eat has been trouble.

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Thank You, Part 2. Joomla’s 10th Birthday.

10 years ago, I was standing in a classroom on the north side of Atlanta, Georgia.

My job was teaching English to the children from Central America whose parents had flocked to Atlanta, looking for construction jobs during the enormous housing boom.

I found out about Joomla’s arrival while sitting at my desk, grading papers during a lunch break.

The growth of Joomla gave me the confidence to start my own business. Joomla allowed me to work from home and see our two children (now 4 and 5) grow up.

The majority of our business today is not Joomla-related, but Joomla is where it all started.

When Joomla’s 5th birthday arrived, I wrote a post for called Thank You.

Now that Joomla’s 10th birthday has arrived, let me say “Thank You” again.