We Acquired the Tag Groups Plugin to Join TaxoPress

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This is slightly old news, but worth recapping. Late in 2022, we acquired the acquired the Tag Groups plugin and added it to TaxoPress.com.

We first launched TaxoPress because there was a gap in the market. There were no good WordPress plugins to help you organize and categorize your content.

The only existing plugin I could find was called “Tag Groups, which had been created by a developer named Christoph Amthor. This was a really useful plugin that allows you to display and filter content based on taxonomy terms.

A few weeks ago, I was talking with Christoph and he said he was ready to move on from Tag Groups. Christoph published a post with his reasons and some background details.

Since the purchase, we’ve made some key changes to Tag Groups and TaxoPress:

This last place is probably the best place to see what Tag Groups can do. You can create Tag Clouds like this one with WooCommerce products:

You can use the Tag Clouds plugin to create a Shuffle Box like this example below:

You can also use the Toggle Post Filter option to create lists of posts like the one in this example: