TaxoPress Pro is Here to Help Organize Your WordPress

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Earlier this year, I posted that we had adopted a WordPress plugin called Simple Tags, and renamed it “TaxoPress”.

Since then, we’ve been working hard with frequent releases. Here is the download chart for the plugin on Each big spike represents a new release. Can you spot when we took over?

I’m really happy to say we now have a Pro version of TaxoPress available. By building a business around the plugin, we’ll be able to innovate more quickly.

Currently there are 3 Pro features, with more to come in the next few months:

I’d also note that there’s a new color scheme. My wife has a much better eye for design than me. She took one look at the old colors for the plugin and said, “It might be time to retire the yellow!” This image below shows the old banner:

Here’s the new approach, which is a little less eye-popping:

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