Series: Building PublishPress

This is a series of posts about building the PublishPress WordPress plugin.

We acquired Bylines to make PublishPress better

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A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that we’re spending a lot more time focused on WordPress in 2018. Our primary plugin focus is¬†PublishPress, a suite of tools enabling WordPress teams to create great content. To make PublishPress more competitive, we acquired¬†Bylines, from Daniel Bachhuber. By default WordPress only allows one author per post. Bylines […]

Diving Into WordPress in 2018

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I’ve been deeply involved in Joomla and Drupal for years now. But our Joomla business is doing really well at the moment, and there’s a great team in place, running the site very effectively. That’s giving me more time to focus on our WordPress projects this year. There are some books of course. Genesis Explained […]

Interview with Post Status about PublishPress

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Building PublishPress

Post Status published an interview with me that covered a range of WordPress-related topics: How ridiculously competitive the WordPress space is.The deal to purchase Bylines and where we’re going with PublishPress.Our new training-marketing focus at OSTraining.Gutenberg being a huge roll of the dice for WordPress. Many thanks to Dan Knauss for bearing with me and shaping these […]