Series: Building TaxoPress

This is a series of posts about building the TaxoPress WordPress plugin.

TaxoPress is Our New WordPress Plugin

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Simple Tags has been a popular WordPress plugin for 10 years, and now has over 80,000 users. I’m delighted to say that our team has taken over running the plugin. This is the same team that runs the plugins at PublishPress. We’ve given it a new name (“TaxoPress”) and a new website at Over the last […]

TaxoPress Pro is Here to Help Organize Your WordPress

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Earlier this year, I posted that we had adopted a WordPress plugin called Simple Tags, and renamed it “TaxoPress”. Since then, we’ve been working hard with frequent releases. Here is the download chart for the plugin on Each big spike represents a new release. Can you spot when we took over? I’m really happy […]

TaxoPress Gets a Big New Feature: Auto Terms

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I posted at the end of last year about a side-project: overhauling the TaxoPress plugin. We continue to make steady progress on this plugin. The most recent new feature is “Auto Terms” which can scan your WordPress content and automatically assign terms. There are lots of ways to get big websites with tons of content. […]