Logtivity Reaches 1,000 Active Installs

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This week, Logtivity passed 1,000 active installs, as measured by the WordPress.org plugin repository. Logtivity is a SaaS service we built to track all the activity on your WordPress sites, and then sends you alerts for important events.

1,000 active installs is both a small deal and quite a big deal.

It’s a small deal because it’s only 1,000 installs. This is tiny by WordPress standards. All the plugins we run have many times more installs. Our plugins have over one million installs in total.

However, it’s also quite a big deal for a couple of reasons.

One reason is the WordPress plugin directory is all about active installs. When you pass even a small milestone like 1,000 installs, you get treated a lot better. Passing this milestone made a big different to our search rankings. So users are now more likely to find the plugin if they search for “activity log”. We became one of these week’s biggest climbers according to WP-Rankings.com which tracks WordPress.org search results.

A second reason is that it’s really difficult to grow a SaaS service like Logtivity. It’s taken us 18 months to get to this point. We hit this mark soon after Bertha.ai which launched a little before us. I wrote a little about our ups-and-downs with Logtivity in 2022. I’ve successfully grown a lot of plugins, but growing a SaaS has been much harder. I’m very glad we have finally hit this milestone. Here’s the write up of this milestone on the Logtivity site.