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On Friday, our new Logtivity project was featured on WPTavern. For a start-up, being featured on the Tavern often marks a debut into the WordPress community.

Every now and again, some complaints pop up about WPTavern. Mostly they center around the fact that the site is owned by Matt Mullenweg, and there are potential conflicts of interest, but people are rarely able to point to specific examples. WPTavern is well run. Yes, it probably focuses more on boosting and encouraging the WordPress community, than it does on hard-hitting criticism, but that’s not a bad thing at all. For entirely independent alternatives, there are Post Status and also WP Mainline, although I’m afraid you’ll find them to be warm and welcoming also. There are harsher takes on the WordPress world, and you can find them with a little digging on Twitter.

WPTavern’s current friendly direction started under Jeff Chandler, and it has continued with Sarah Gooding and Justin Tadlock.

Here are three things I appreciate about WPTavern:

  1. The team are always friendly and want the people they cover to do well.
  2. The team gives helpful feedback outside the interview/news process.
  3. Readers trust them. WPTavern posts bring new customers.

The same applies to Cory, Dan, David and the team at Post Status, plus Jeff and WP Mainline.

If you’re launching a WordPress project, I’d highly recommend reaching out to WPTavern, Post Status, and WP Mainline. Justin explains why you should in this post.

Check out this video introduction to Logtivity:

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