Logtivity 2.0 Has Hosted Error Logs for WordPress

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At Logtivity we aim solve problems faced by WordPress agencies, or anyone else who is in charge of lots of WordPress sites.

One problem that agencies kept talking about was error logs. It’s often very difficult for them to view error logs for WordPress sites. Some hosting companies require you to contact them, and a few days later, they’ll send you the logs!

With Logtivity 2.0, you’ll always have instant access to view the errors, because we host your error logs. I’ve attached a screenshot below:

Hosted error logs are just better. They’re east to find and search. With many hosting companies, the error logs are dumped into one big, messy file. With Logtivity, you can search, filter, and view key information about each error.

You can also get notifications for errors. Logtivity can notify you as soon as an error occurs, allowing you to jump on it as soon as possible rather than waiting for a user to report it. If there’s a Fatal Error that takes your site offline, we’ll send you immediate notifications.

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