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Easter Special: 20% Discount on SEO Club Memberships

Easter Egg

Easter EggHere’s an Easter special for all our readers.

Over the Easter weekend you can use the coupon code “easter” for a 20%? discount all membership plans.

This offer works for new and renewing members. It starts right now and ends on Sunday night.

Note: Membership prices are going up by 30% on April 18th (the club’s half-year anniversary), and so now is a great time to get in for only 50% of next month’s price.

Click here to join the Joomla SEO Club today.

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Lots of New Changes at Alledia

Working Hard This Week

Working Hard This Week Over the last week we’ve been working really hard on changes? here at Alledia, aiming to make the site better for SEO Club members and people who are just visiting.

Changes for SEO Club Subscribers

  1. New chapters of the SEO Book dealing with Joomfish, multilingual sites, international sites plus case Studies with real-life examples of improvements we’ve made to clients’ websites and the impact they’ve had.
  2. New checklists making it easy to ensure you’ve optimized your site for launch, for local search and when you’re upgrading.
  3. A really active and supportive forum helping you to get all your Joomla SEO questions answered.
  4. Redesigned the navigation for logged-in users to make browsing the site much easier. You won’t see any more adverts at all.

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25% Discount if You Join the SEO Club During the Next 48 Hours

SEO Club

SEO ClubIf you’re thinking about joining the Joomla SEO Club, but haven’t yet, this is a great week to subscribe and start learning.

The are lots of interesting discussions going on in our forum and we’ve recently added lots of new material including new SEO Book chapters, new video tutorials, and checklists to make sure you launch, update or improve your site in the post possible way for SEO.

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Our New Joomla SEO Club Launches!

SEO Club

SEO isn’t affordable for most people.

Most Joomla users don’t have deep pockets and spending $1000 or more for a complete site overhaul often isn’t justified. Sure, you’d like your small business or hobby site to rank better but are you going to make that much money back?

What if SEO was available for the same price as a template or a component? What if someone delivered Joomla SEO with same high-quality, low-price attitude that people love to find in Joomla template clubs and extension developers?

We’re delighted to announce that affordable, professional SEO advice is here: the Joomla SEO Club.

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