Easter Special: 20% Discount on SEO Club Memberships

Easter EggHere’s an Easter special for all our readers.

Over the Easter weekend you can use the coupon code “easter” for a 20%? discount all membership plans.

This offer works for new and renewing members. It starts right now and ends on Sunday night.

Note: Membership prices are going up by 30% on April 18th (the club’s half-year anniversary), and so now is a great time to get in for only 50% of next month’s price.

Click here to join the Joomla SEO Club today.

What’s in the SEO Book?

In addition to our active forum and useful checklists you’ll have access to the SEO Book with chapters on these topics:

  • Domain Names
    How to choose and manage a great domain name.
  • Web Hosting
    How to make sure you build your site on the correct hosting and domain setup.
  • Site Architecture
    How to arrange the pages on your site so that they can be easily crawled.
  • Metadata
    How to improve the metadata and headline tags on your site.
  • SEF URLs
    How to change Joomla’s long URLs into something short, memorable and attractive to search engines.
  • Duplicate Content
    How to avoid having multiple copies of your content indexed by search engines.
  • Indexed Pages
    How to control the pages from your site that search engines index.
  • International Sites
    How to handle SEO for sites that need to be translated into different languages.
  • Sitemaps
    How to add and utilize automatic sitemaps to your site.
  • RSS Feeds
    How to add RSS Feeds to your Joomla site.
  • Templates
    How to find a search-engine friendly template.
  • Blogging
    How to set up a successful blog on your Joomla site.
  • Linking
    How to handle links to and from your site.
  • Social Networking
    How to optimize your Joomla social networking site for SEO.
  • Site Speed
    How to make your Joomla site run as quickly as possible.
  • Analytics
    How to analyse and track visitors to your Joomla site.
  • Virtuemart
    SEO tips for your Virtuemart site.
  • Making Money
    Working with affiliates and payment processors.
  • SEF Patch
    Tips on how to get the most from Joomlatwork’s SEF Patch.
  • Case Studies
    Real-life examples of improvements we’ve made to clients’ websites.

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