iJoomla Tips for Affiliate Success

iJoomla Tips for Affiliate SuccessThis is a guest post from Merav Knafo of iJoomla.com. She runs one of the oldest and most successful Joomla affiliate programs. In this post she provides tips for developers to attract affiliate traffic and also advice for site owners who want to become successful affiliates.

If Your Site Contains Affiliate Links

  1. Text links get more clicks than banners
  2. Make the affiliate link look as organic as possible, embed them in your content/articles
  3. Write product reviews, be objective, place the affiliate link a few times inside the review
  4. Write articles about the subject and embed the affiliate links or give them the product as an example
  5. Send a newsletter about the company/product you’re promoting

If You Run an Affiliate Program

  1. Give at least 20% commission
  2. Give more commission to your top affiliates
  3. Provide copy: reviews, newsletters
  4. Easy to use affiliate interface
  5. Banners in all standard sizes (468×60, 234×60, 125×125, 120×240)
  6. Attractive banners
  7. Text links and text ads
  8. Nourish the relationships with the affiliates. Talk to them on the phone, show interest.

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