3 New Joomla Trainers and 3 New Classes

We’re really happy to announce the addition of 3 new teachers and 3 new classes to our JoomlaTraining.com line-up. In addition to our Joomla beginner classes, we’re now also offering:

You’ll notice that a lot of these classes are in Atlanta initially. We used the same process with our beginners classes – starting and testing in Atlanta where we’re based, then later offering the courses elsewhere. So if you’re interested in taking one of these sessions later this year in a different city, please drop us a line.

To handle these extra classes, we’re really happy to have added 3 more teachers:

Aaron Handford

  • Aaron HandfordWebsite: FloatingWorld.ca
  • Classes: Beginner and Intermediate
  • Background: Aaron is a Joomla developer specializing in search engine marketing and optimization. He has been using Joomla since it began as an offshoot of Mambo in 2005. He has built hundreds of Joomla sites. Aaron has 2.5 years experience teaching Joomla and enjoys empowering people to take take control and maximize their return on investment on their website. Aaron started Floating World Web Development with the intention of helping ethical and ecologically minded businesses develop a professional web presence.

Brent Laminack

  • Brent LaminackWebsite: 3by400.com
  • Classes: Extension Coding
  • Background: Brent has significant background in the implementation of technology and application development in the broadcasting and real estate fields, has held positions that ranged from programmer to Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Brent is also a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). His expertise in UNIX platforms, web development, and emerging technologies has earned him an on-going instructional spot for professional development courses at Georgia Tech and Emory?s Continuing Education, including Unix system administration, databases, programming, electronic commerce, and information security.

Rick Blalock

  • Rick BlalockWebsite: ExpressionInDesign.com
  • Classes: Template Design
  • Background: Rick is the part-owner and president of Expression in Design, LLC, a web design and development firm based in Jupiter, Florida. He also is the editor of the popular beautyindesign.com (BiD), a training and tutorial resource for the Joomla community.

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