Launched on Joomla

Appalachian TrailFor several months now I’ve been hinting that we have a major geographic domain name to launch on Joomla.

Well, life got in the way … the Joomla training classes became really popular, we had other sites to launch and almost everyone we work with is having a baby this year.

So, although its missing a lot of features that are currently unpublished and being worked on, its time to soft-launch The A.T. is huge, running all the way along the eastern side of the U.S.. It starts in Maine, up by the Canada border, and finishes down in Georgia, about an hour north of Atlanta.

Over the last few years I’ve become obsessed about launching websites on the very best domain name we can find. Why? Almost without any effort people already posting in the forum and commenting on articles. The site gets around 300 visitors per day simply because of the name. Even an SEO guy likes a little head-start …

We’ve used Kunena for the forum, Jomsocial for the community, sh404SEF for the URLs. jReviews, K2 and MyBlog aren’t far from going live.

So, let us know what you think of the site and if you have any trail photos or questions you’d like to share, come and join the site!

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