First Member with 100 Comments Plus Free Membership and Tuition

Good Web PracticesThis blog has been live for about 18 months now and one of our users just hit a milestone … David from has 100 comments to articles here. He’s been a source of wonderful advice both on the blog and in the forums and its great to have him around.

David is also a blogger. There aren’t many people in the Joomla world who provide regular, high-quality posts. I can think of Barrie, Amy, Anthony and now its possible to include David as well. Make you subscribe to his RSS feed – its full of worthwhile Joomla tips and tricks.

Free SEO Club Memberships and Tuition

We’re going to hold a competition during April. On the right-hand side of the site you can see the top 10 commenters.

  • We will give a free SEO Club membership to everyone on that list at midnight May 1st.
  • Whats more – if you’re the user with the most comments who is in the Chicago area and attending the Chicago Expo, we’ll give you a free ticket to our Joomla SEO Class on May 17th. You can find out more about the training here and the Expo here.

Its not April Fools Day yet! We really appreciate your contributions and this is our way of saying thanks!

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