Free Indexing Tool for Joomla Sites

We’re releasing a tool to the public today that has been available to club members for a while.

Our indexing tool helps you work out how many high-quality pages you have on your Joomla site and how many are indexed. Are you like this poor guy on the Joomla forums with 80,000 extra pages or do Google and Yahoo only have your valuable pages?

We’ve found a lot of Joomla sites that have too many pages indexed and this has proven to be a useful way to get people focused on the architecture of their websites.

Click here to try the tool

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  • More about the reasons behind this tool: "Why less is more on Joomla sites".
  • Some of most common problem extensions are mentioned in our post "5 Joomla Components Harmful to Your SEO".
  • To get a free list of 1000 pages Yahoo has indexed on your site, search on Yahoo with the term "" and click "Export first 1000 results to TSV" in the top-right corner.
  • To get a list of every page search engines have indexed on your site, you’ll need a tool like WebCEO.

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