Joomla Challenge for Google Knols

knol-logo.pngGoogle launched their Knol site last week. Despite the slightly silly name and Google’s failure to get from a Joomla site, I though it would worthwhile to take some time and write a couple:

  • Joomla – a general introduction to Joomla
  • Joomla SEO – a rewrite of my general guide to Joomla SEO

Whats the Challenge?

I’d love to see a really, really great Knol on both these topics so I’ve got a challenge for you …

I’ve given both articles an "Open collaboration model" which means that all signed in users can edit the Knol. I’ll give a free lifetime SEO Club membership to two people … whoever makes the most useful edits on each article. Knols have a "Revisions" section so it should be easy to check whose written what. If you’re not up for writing, feel free to drop a comment on the Knol as to how the articles can be improved.

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