Joomla Classes in Texas and the Mid-West

Joomla Texas and Mid-WestThe Joomla Training bandwagon is starting to roll this year. We’ve thoroughly covered the East and West coasts of the United States, and not it’s time to do more work on the center of the country.

If you’re in Texas and the Mid-West we’ve got Joomla classes coming up for you in the next three weeks.

Texas Joomla Classes

If you’re in Austin there’s the added bonus of a Joomla meetup that night after the class. Kyle Ledbetter from JoomlaPraise will be there as well as Cory Webb from HowtoJoomla. Click here for details of the Austin meetup.

Mid-West Classes

For the first time, we’re also coming to the mid-west with one class on the Kentucky / Ohio border and another in western Pennsylvania.

About the Classes

We make sure that all our students are really well taken care of. Here are some of the free bonuses that students receive:

  • Maximum of 15 people students
  • 6 months of free Joomla support after the class
  • Free membership to the SEO Club ($99 value)
  • Free copy of the Bolt Template ($60 value)

Class Schedule

You’ll learn how to build a Joomla website, from content and user organization, to working with extensions and templates:

  • Part 1: Introduction to Joomla including 1.0 and 1.5
  • Part 2: Site-wide settings and user management
  • Part 3: Setting up and organizing menus and navigation
  • Part 4: Managing content articles
  • Part 5: Working with Joomla components
  • Part 6: Using Joomla modules and plugins
  • Part 7: Choosing and configuring Joomla templates
  • Part 8: How to manage Joomla websites professionally and securely

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