Joomla Training Across the United States

Joomla TrainingAlmost a year ago now we launched the Joomla SEO Club. It was a completely new concept at the time and for the last 11 months, I’ve been focused on making it flourish. I believe we’ve succeeded. Almost no-one was offering Joomla SEO services last year and now it’s a standard offering by many companies in the Joomla industry.

Now it’s time to see if we can push the envelope once more and help meet other unaddressed customer needs. Starting today and continuing for the next few weeks, we plan to launch three significant new ventures here at Alledia.

The first project is a large series of Joomla training classes.

From September to December, we’ll be running “Twelve Weeks of Training”, an ambitious program to provide Joomla! training across the Eastern and Mid-Western United States. We’ve already run classes in Chicago and Atlanta. Now it’s time for nine more cities.

Like the SEO Club, success isn’t guaranteed but we’ve planned carefully with former teachers leading the classes, and hopefully if we do make it work it will be much easier for people to find hands-on Joomla training in future.

Twelve Weeks of Joomla Training Classes

Together with Barrie at and the team at CMS Expo, we’re delighted to announce a program of high-quality Joomla training across the United States.

From Tampa and Atlanta in the south, to New York and Washington, and then over to Denver and St. Louis in the Mid-West, we’ll be crossing the United States to provide training in nine cities.

Here’s a full list of all the training sessions:

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