4 Joomla Classes for the Price of 1 in London and San Francisco

London Joomla ClassOne is warm, sunny and on the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

The other is cold, rainy and on the grey Thames (I’m allowed to make fun of it … I was born in its suburbs)

San Francisco and London and nearly 5500 miles apart and you might not think they have much in common. Normally you’d be right, but this is an exception.

Next week we’ve got two Joomla classes, one in each city:

San FranciscoSpecial Offer

These are beginner classes but we have a special offer for all attendees … we’ll give you a free subscription to OSTraining.com. That means you can come to our beginner class and get access to 4 whole classes online over the next 6 months:

  • Joomla Beginner
  • Joomla Intermediate
  • Joomla Template Design
  • Joomla Search Engine Optimization

Those classes normally sell for $299 each. You’ll just have to pay for one. You’ll also benefit from 6 months of guaranteed same-day answers to all your Joomla questions after the class.

To find out more, visit the individual pages for each class. We hope to see you in the rain on Wednesday or the sun on Friday!

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