New sh404SEF Documentation and a Free Trial

Joomla SEO Extension GuidesI’m delighted to say we’ve released a new section to the SEO Club today … Extension Guides.

What you’ll find there are easy-to-understand explanations of how to use the most popular Joomla SEO extensions. We’ve started with 12 detailed articles on how to use sh404SEF and guides to Artio SEF, SEF Advance, the SEF Patch and others will follow shortly.

Oh, and did I mention that during the next 5 days you can get a free 2 week trial to the SEO Club? Simply click here to?register and then choose your subscription.

All in all, SEO Club members now get access to 6 areas of the site:

  • EBook: Over 100 tutorials on how to optimize a Joomla site
  • Forum: Over 3500 posts in our private Joomla SEO forum
  • Site Reviews: Personal hour-long SEO analysis of your site
  • Checklists: SEO Checklists to launch and improve your sites
  • Guides: Documentation for popular Joomla SEO extensions
  • Videos: Visual solutions to common Joomla SEO problems

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