We’re Opening Up Alledia To Your News and Blogs

You may have noticed a countdown clock on the right of the site, ticking away each day. We’re counting the days until we make a major product launch on February 1st. It’s now 2 weeks before the launch and we’re rolling out an early change here at Alledia:

Open to Your Guest Posts and News

Yes, we’re opening up Alledia.com to your news and blog posts. Over the years we’ve had many guest blog posts here on Alledia covering topics from accessibility, events affiliate programs, RSS feeds, Virtuemart and much more.

Up until now it had also been an informal process. Someone would Skype or email me saying they had an idea for article. Now, we’re giving everyone the chance to submit their article.

What Kind of Posts?

Anyone can contribute and all reasonable blog posts and news articles will be accepted. Content can be recycled from other sites, but the more interesting and original it is, the more publicty we’lll give it.

  • In the blog section please feel free opinions and tutorials.
  • In the news, please feel free to post about events, book releases, product updates or anything else that’s relevant to Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.

The Best Guest Posts

  • The best submissions will be promoted to the main Alledia blog.
  • They’ll be included in our monthly newsletter.
  • You’ll get a wide readership in the Joomla world.
  • You’ll get links from this and other high Page Rank sites.

How to Submit Blog or News Posts

  • After logging in, go to Blog >> Write a Blog Post or News >> Write a News Post in the top menu.
writeapost     writeapost

  • Choose a title and enter your article.
  • Click “Save”.
  • Afterwards, you’ll be able to edit and manage your articles from Account >> My Articles.


  • You’ll see a Dashboard where you can add, edit or delete any of your articles on the site:


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