Quick Round up Before JoomlaDay Vancouver

Vancouver JoomlaI’m off to Vancouver tonight and I’ll be taking my wife, so in addition to going to JoomlaDay Canada, I’ll have a couple of days vacation. The new Vancouver.com is incredible and its really whetted my appetite for a day or two off in such a beautiful city.

Posting will be light so I thought I’d post a short round-up of whats going on:

Special Prize for Comment Posters

We’ve had 1,923 comments left on blog posts here at Alledia. Only 77 left to reach the magic 2000 mark. 

As a big thank you, I’m offering a special prize. The person who makes that magic 2000th comment with get a free liftime membership to the Joomla SEO Club.  

Alledia News

Things I Don’t Understand

  • Why do so many people put Adsense on their business sites? Rivals can go right ahead and buy those ads, stealing the customers. When was the last time Walmart hung a big banner for Target inside their stores?

More Weird Google Search Results

Joomla Security

Joomla in the News

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