The One Where Steve Goes All Matt Cutts

Those of you who hate having their picture taken (90% of you? 95%?) will know how I felt. Several people have been asking for photos of me ready for upcoming events. I tried to put if off for as long as possible but today I needed to get it done.

I’ll be at the upcoming Joomla events in Chicago and Vancouver, so if you want to say hello, you know what I look like.

As the camera was out, I thought it might be a good idea to introduce to my blogging partner, Ninja. This little guy is rarely far away from the keyboard when I’m working. Especially now spring is here, he loves to come and sun himself in the window overlooking my desk.

This post is somewhat in homage to the cats belonging to Matt Cutts from Google. Someone even took the time to track down a whole range of SEO pets.

Why do we call him Ninja? Because he’s black with just a little white on his face. Oh, and he likes to kill things.

My wife fell in love with him while we were living in Sydney a few years ago and convinced me to bring him the U.S. when we moved here.




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