We’re Expanding to Drupal, WordPress and OSTraining.com

By the end of 2009, JoomlaTraining.com will have run over 100 Joomla training classes in locations from Alaska to Miami and from Los Angeles to London. It’s time to grow!

We’ll be working in the same cities with the same high-standards, and even some of the same experienced teachers, but we’ll now be adding both Drupal and WordPress classes.

As part of the growth we’ve launched a new website: OSTraining.com. The new site allows us to rebrand as “Open Source Training” and over time we’ll reduce the use of JoomlaTraining.com as we migrate.

There are four initial class dates for each new CMS:



Special Offer

This week only use the coupon “ostlaunch” for 20% off any of our classes. The offer expires at midnight on Friday.

Welcoming New Teachers

We are also delighted to announce that OS Training can welcome six new teachers across North American and the United Kingdom:

  • Bo AstrupTeacher: Bo Astrup
  • Location: Los Angeles
  • Profile: Bo’s background ranges from Chief Technology Officer, over music production to IT training and consulting in both the private and government sector. Bo has been involved with designing of content management systems since 1989 and is a partner in Collaborative Fusion Group, a Los Angeles based Joomla engineering firm.
  • Next Class: Los Angeles – January 29
  • Laura GordonTeacher: Laura Gordon
  • Location: New York
  • Profile: Laura has been in the IT industry for over 15 years with a background is in Training, Consulting and Databases, including MySql, Oracle and Sybase. She trained with Chubb Computer Services in web development and databases for their Corporate, Top Gun, and Institute Training Classes.
  • Next Class: New York – January 27
  • Rob KowalskiTeacher: Rob Kowalski
  • Location: Seattle
  • Profile: Rob is owner of Kowal Concepts, a sole proprietorship inspired after discovering the Joomla! CMS in 2007, now overlooking dozens of Joomla projects and scenarios, providing training, consulting, and template customizing. Rob is the founder of the Joomla! Users Group Greater Seattle.
  • Next Class: Seattle – December 14
  • JR MaroneyTeacher: JR Maroney
  • Location: Washington D.C.
  • Profile: JR has been in the I.T. industry for over fifteen years, both as a programmer and I.T. manager. As Project Manager overseeing several multi-million dollar ERP system implementations for the Toyota Group, North America, he has a vast understanding of I.T. systems from conception through implementation.
  • Next Class: Washington – January 25
  • Brian TeemanTeacher: Brian Teeman
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Profile: Originally a youth worker dealing with severely disturbed youngsters Brian helped publish some of the largest multimedia CD-ROMS of the late 90’s. In 2000 Brian helped to launch the first Linux ISP for the UK and was present at all the key steps in the life of Mambo and later co-founded Joomla and Open Source Matters Inc.
  • Next Class: London – November 25
  • Bill TomczakTeacher: Bill Tomczak
  • Location: Denver
  • Profile: Bill works as an independent programmer and database designer. He was introduced to Joomla in 2006, and is now focused almost entirely on writing custom extensions for Joomla. He works with a number of web designers, providing technical and engineering support and custom programming for them and their clients.
  • Next Class: Denver – January 27

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