10 Ideas for Really Popular Joomla Articles

Top Ten Joomla ArticlesSometimes its hard to think of ideas for a blog post, so here are ten topics that will guarantee a really popular Joomla article:

  1. Why Drupal sucks
  2. Why WordPress sucks
  3. Why Drupal and WordPress both suck
  4. Why the GPL is great
  5. Why the GPL sucks
  6. Compare rival extensions (the developers are sure to chime in)
  7. Start charging money for a previously free extension
  8. Someone at Joomla.org doesn’t think I’m right in everything I say
  9. Someone at Joomla.org didn’t answer my email within 5 minutes of me sending it
  10. Write a useful tutorial (wait … that sounds a little too constructive …)

Sit back and count your new links and traffic …

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