How Do You Back Up Your Sites?

Ever since Google released its Code Search feature which made it next to impossible to safely create and store backups on a webserver, we’ve been struggling with a security question:


Backing up MySQL databases every day is easy, but what’s the best way to backup a site’s files?


There are tutorials available on how to use a cron job to use get CPanel to backup the files automatically. However, these are not really appropriate for most of our clients who aren’t able or willing to learn how to use and manage cron jobs. Many hosting companies don’t even offer the option to access files outside of the webroot.


There are mambots available to create simple and easy daily MySQL backups, but nothing comparable for the actual files.


So, its time to pick the brains of our readers……Do you have a user-friendly way to regularly and automatically backup Joomla files and store them safely away from the webserver?  All comments are welcome.

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