Top Ten Things To Explain To Joomla Learners

David LettermanLast night I did a presentation for the Joomla Users Group in New York, talking about Joomla SEO and teaching Joomla. As I’d never done a Skype presentation before I wanted to have a structure ready. Being a Big Apple talk, I decided to rip off David Letterman and do a top ten list:

Top Ten Things To Explain For People Learning Joomla

10) Padlocks

“Where’d that come from? I locked myself out of the article??”

9) Section / Categories

“Where’s my article hiding? Remind me … a category is bigger than a section?” This my favorite explanation for helping people visualise the setup.

8) Creating an article doesn’t make a menu link automatically

“I’ve written an article, so why can’t I see it on the frontend?” The problem is that almost every commercial CMS makes a menu link automatically when a new article is saved.

7) Read messages / Write messages

“Cool! I’ve got a private message system in the admin! But, wait … I can only message myself?!?”

6) Save vs Apply

“Man, this is a pain to login and logout of the article everytime I want to make a small change”

5) Food and Fruit image folders

“Why I have got a strawberry, a bagel and some green peas in my images folder?”

4) Frontend user groups

“So “Registered” can write articles, and so can an Author … an Editor can edit and so can an Author … ??” Brian to the rescue again.

3) Archive

“I can put my article in a vault … er … why? where does it go again?”

2) Template changes don’t destroy all content

“Aaarghh – I don’t want to wreck all my articles by changing the template!”

1) Images/Stories folder

“I’ve uploaded all my images … now why can’t I use them in an article?”

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