Joomla Blogging Options Part 2 – MyBlog

MyBlogBlogs are becoming a key part of most companies’ SEO strategies.

Yesterday we talked about how we blog on using Joomla itself. Today we’re going to take a look at another option, MyBlog from

MyBlog is an ambitious attempt to create a fully-featured blogging component for Joomla. It launched in January 2007. It aims to replicate the features of WordPress or inside of one component. If successful, this would be a significant achievement. We use more than half-a-dozen different extensions to build a blog on, and still we lack some key blog functionalities.


  • Wide range of blog features not available with default Joomla blogging, including RSS, tags, pings, archives and trackbacks.
  • Development is very active with new updates released regularly.
  • Community Builder integration
  • Easily allows users to create their own blogs with their own image folders.
  • Unlike the WordPress component for Joomla, this does allow you to add content within the regular Joomla Section/Category heirarchy.


  • Currently not compatible with any SEF URL solutions
  • You’ll probably want to buy JomComment as well for full blog functionality. The whole package without links back to will be $75.
  • Still a relatively new component and not quite stable. Some bugs with trackbacks, tags and other features remain although I expect these to be solved very soon.
  • Because the admin panel takes you outside of Joomla, to a template-less page or a pop-up, users on some of our sites have been a little confused.
  • Its not open-source as so obviously can’t compete with the vitality and plug-in range offered by a solution such as WordPress.


I like MyBlog a lot. Together with JomComment is makes a feature-rich, low-spam blogging solution for Joomla.

On sites with multiple users, a lot of the non-technical users were flummoxed by the admin panel that looked very different from the rest of the site, but for a one person blog, or a site where several administrators blog, that shouldn’t be a problem is. Also, it is still a work-in-progress. Bugs are squashed quickly but they still exist.

Finally, the question is …. am you willing to pay $75 for a strong, Joomla-integrated blogging platform? If the answer is “yes”, MyBlog is a good choice.

Further Reading

Over to you …. have you used MyBlog? Is it worth paying $75 for a commercial blogging solution for Joomla?

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