New Mambot to Add Headline Tags to Joomla

One of the most important SEO tactics is to wrap your page titles in headline tags such as <h1> and <h2>.

Unfortunately Joomla doesn’t provide these out of the box and instead puts page titles inside a relatively meaningless table cell:

<td class="contentheading" width="100%">My Title</td> 

There are some extensions that allow headline tags currently, including JoomSEO and sh404SEF. There are also some core hacks that achieve the same thing.

However, we needed a simple and easy way to apply headline tags to articles, without hacking the core and without utilizing any larger components. 

So Whats the Solution?

We created a stripped-down version of JoomSEO. JoomSEO is a useful mambot, but it comes with dozens of settings and it will take over your metadata. We removed all the extra features to produce a much simpler version called JoomSEOHeadings.

All it does is add headline tags to your articles. Nothing else. You have the choice of placing your titles in <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5> or <h6> tags. Click here to download JoomSEOHeadings

A Word of Warning

Not all Joomla templates are setup to handle <h1> and <h2> because they are so infrequently used by Joomla. You may need to alter your CSS to avoid having super-sized page titles.


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