Joomla Developer To Escape From Staightjacket 55 Feet In the Air

Steven PignataroDoing anything interesting this weekend?

Steven Pignataro from corePHP is.

During the week he develops Joomla extensions and on the weekend he does something else entirely.

This Saturday he’s going to replicate Harry Houdini’s “escape-from-a-straightjacket” stunt, but will do it while hanging from his ankles attached to a boom 55 feet in the air.

This is the first time he’s performed the trick publicly and there’s not going to be anything to catch his fall if it goes wrong. He’s going to do it right in the center of downtown Colon, Michigan, which calls itself the “Magic Capital of the World”. The straightjacket won’t be the only problem – the weather in Michigan is expected to 50 degrees Fahrenheit and raining tomorrow.

Steve should be pretty safe. Organizers are already planning for a similar event at the same time next year, this time involving “walking on water”.

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