How to Use Joomla’s Module Suffixes

Joomla templates allow you to redesign your site easily. modulesuffixesThey also allow you style your modules. Your login box can have one color, your “Latest News” can have another color and your “Most Popular News” can have third.

This image is an example using the Bolt template.
  • Red header, white background.
  • Orange header, orange background.
  • Yellow header, white background.
  • Green header, green background.

Here’s how you do it

  1. Go to the administrator area of your site and Extensions >> Module Manager.
  2. In the parameters of your module, on the right-hand side, you’ll see a box saying “Module Class Suffix”.
  3. You’ll have to read the documentation for your template to know what to enter – each template is different. If you’re using Bolt you could enter any of these:
  • -red (Red header, white background)
  • -orangebg (Orange header, orange background)
  • -yellow (Yellow header, white background)
  • -greenbg (Green header, green background)

This example would give us a red header and white background:

{loadposition joomlanewsletter}

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