New Version of sh404SEF

Joomla SEF URLsOf all the Search Engine Friendly URL components released under the GPL, sh404SEF is the most active project. Yannick Gaultier has taken the old 404SEF codebase and added a host of new and improved features. The latest update is no exception:

New Features in Version 1.2.4.s 

  • The ability to create SEF URLs without .htaccess or mod_rewrite.
  • Compatibility with MosTree, MyBlog and Docman. sh404SEF works with sef_ext.php designed for both SEF Advance and Open SEF, which means it works with more extensions that any of the alternatives.
  • Better handling of duplicate URLs. Previously it just grabbed the first one, which meant you had the load the correct page immediately after installation, otherwise it might grab the wrong URL.
  • Integration with Yannick’s other module: shCustomTags. For those that haven’t used it, consider it to be a simplified, non-hack version of the SEF Patch from

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