Review of the RemoSEF SEF URL Extension


RemoSEF is developed by Martin Brampton who was deeply involved in Mambo, playing a key rol in the development of Mambo 4.6. He currently develops the Remository document management component.

What Do the URLs Look Like?

  • /component/option,com_mgcontact/task,view/contact_id,2/
  • /rem/search/
  • /component/option,com_weblinks/

How Do I Set Up This Option?

1) Install the component

2) Modify the .htaccess file as outlined on the RemoSEF site

3) Upload 4 key sef_ext.php files to enable RemoSEF to work with content, newsfeeds, contact and RSS.


Martin provides good support via the RemoSEF forum.


Not top priority. Remository is Martin’s key component and is developed much more actively than RemoSEF.

Supported Components 

Works with all the components that SEF Advance does, but it is able to use the same sef_ext.php files.


  • Compatibility. Because it works with the sef_ext.php files from SEF Advance its able to handle a wide number of components.
  • It is remarkable stable. Its been around since the Mambo days.
  • Works smoothly with Remository. I get the feeling that the main reason Martin keeps it around is that its complements his main extension so perfectly.


  • Many unfortunately. RemoSEF is the most basic of all the six SEF URL extensions. It has a single configuration page and lacks nearly all the advanced features of the alternatives.

Overall Impression

I would consider using RemoSEF if building a site focused on Remository, but as a former Mambo component it is showing its age in comparison to such energetic projects as Artio SEF, SEF Advance and above all sh404SEF. A lot of great work is being done in solving Joomla’s SEO problems and I’d recommend looking at these cutting-edge products instead.

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