SEF Advance Update and a 6th SEF URL Extension

A quick update to where things stand in our review of SEO Extensions for Joomla:

  • SEF Advance has recently been updated to 5.0. Emir has made a lot of major and minor improvements so we’ve updated our review of the component accordingly.
  • Although I thought I’d reviewed all the SEF URL extensions, Hummerbie was kind enough to point out that there’s actually another forgotten SEF URL component called Remosef. That makes six in total. Look for a review of that next week.
  • Kanga Internet have created a version of Artio SEF that works fine, but doesn’t include the hidden metadata advertising of the original.
  • I’m busy creating one page that ties together all our Joomla SEO Extension reviews and links to all the components in one easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate list. Its available from the right-hand menu under Joomla SEO Tools. If we’ve missed any, feel free to let drop a quick note in the comments to this thread.

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