Moved from to had a really great six year run. But, I’ve moved everything over to I moved for several reasons:

1) Urgency. OSTraining traffic is going up, up, up. Visitor numbers are way, way higher than this time last year. I need to move as many sites off that server as possible.

2) Business. “Alledia” isn’t really me any more. It’s a company and one that has very little to do with open source. Alledia Inc. runs, and For practical reasons related to #1, we couldn’t use, but the business is now at

3) A Fresh Start. The old site was full of 10 years of accumulated junk. It dated back to a Mambo installation from 2003 and had been migrated through a couple of domains and Joomla versions until reaching where it grew and mutated for six more years. It was a mess.

4) Clarity. Finally, the purpose of both sites is a lot clearer now:

  • can fully represent the Alledia business.
  • can fully represent me and my ramblings.

Over time I’ll try to move as many of my usernames as possible from alledia to steveburge. This site is a big first step.

Welcome to my new digs!

Housekeeping note: All the old content and comments are here. The URLs are also the same, so all incoming links should still work.

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