Feedback Request on New Joomla Jobs Component

This is a guest post by Ulas Alkan from He’s looking for feedback on his new jobs component for Joomla 1.5. I mentioned a couple of years ago that Joomla really needed a quality jobs board. Maybe this is it …

Jobs is a recruitment component for Joomla. It offers web sites owners to run their job software website. Jobs is targeting 2 types of web site (Company web sites and Community based web sites). The full product description is on this url and you can see the full demo by visiting this site.

For Job Seekers

  1. Simple or advanced jobs search.
  2. Online resume building tool. Job seekers must build their online resume before they apply a job.
  3. Jobs seekers also can ban or prevent specific companies to view their resumes.
  4. Job seekers can create an online cover letter.
  5. Users can check the results of jobs to which they have applied. If they recieved an e-mail from the company, you will be able see that message.

For Employers

  1. Employers can search the resumes which are created by the job seekers. Employers must have enough credits to search resume database. (please see this url to see the resume search form.)
  2. Employers can create e-mail templates for respoding to the applicants.
  3. Employers can view and respond to applications for their jobs. The e-mails which are sent by employers are logged for employer and worker to see the conversation history.

Site Owners

  1. All resume fields are configurable. Site owner can choose which fields to show and which field to hide.
  2. Our component has an integrated payment system. We call it ‘Credit System’. If the ‘Credit System’ is active, Employers must buy credits to post jobs and to search the resume database. Credit system is only working with paypal. All Values are configurable from the admin panel. Employer and site admin can see the credit buying and spending history). Employer can see this from ‘Employer Panel’. Admin can see this from admin panel
  3. Jobs can work with Joomla 1.0.x and Joomla 1.5.x natively . Jobs is coded with my special php framework which works under Joomla 1.0 and Joomla 1.5. Please click to see my Joomla Applications on JED.
  4. 4. Site owners can use our component for company web site or a community based web site. Site owner can allow users to add their company to the web site or disable people to add the company from the admin panel



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