Five Really Useful Joomla Blog Posts

Five Really Useful Joomla Blog Posts I write summary posts very rarely, but in the last few weeks I’ve read several great Joomla-related articles.

Its time to point you towards five really useful Joomla blog posts, one each on the topics of usability, performance, analytics, e-commerce and MySQL.

  1. Usability: How to hide content from guest and registered users in Joomla 1.5 from David at
  2. Performance: So, you want to speed up Joomla? from Anthony at
  3. Analytics: Google Analytics: UTM Link Tagging Explained by Steven at
  4. ECommerce: Joomla and Magento. To Integrate or Not by Jason at
  5. MySQL: Joomla! Coding Practices: Tables and Primary Keys by Mathias at

Over to you … have you read any other great Joomla-related posts lately?

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