Need Security for your Joomla Site?

JoomlaRescue.comI’ve never made a recommendation for anyone else’s services on this blog, but I’m going to break that habit today.

A Joomla Security Expert

Its easy to find templates, extensions and web-designers but in some other areas high-quality people are in short supply. One of those is security. Few people have the server knowledge and Joomla know-how to effectively protect a Joomla site.

JoomlaRescue.comIf you have been hacked or need a security audit to pre-empt problems in the future … we recommend Tom Canvan from He doesn’t know I’m writing this blog post, but he deserves it. Here’s why …

  • We’ve sent him a good number of customers and they’ve all been delighted by his work.
  • Tom provides great service – he’s highly professional, friendly and responsive.
  • He’s written "Dodging the Bullets", the only book available about security for Joomla sites.
  • He’s been in the business for over 20 years.

Tom’s Presentation From JoomlaExpo

If you were at the JoomlaExpo in Chicago and had the chance to see Tom’s presentation, you really had a treat. Funny and incisive, he gave a great talk about security. Here is his PowerPoint in full: 

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