Adding Headline Tags to Your Joomla Site

This week has been SEO week here at Alledia, so Friday afternoon must be time for another tip.

This one is deceptively simple and comes courtesy of Veloniue Petros over at Over at the Joomla! forum he posted a deceptively simple solution to Joomlas lack of h2 and h3 headings. Google automatically thinks that it you have text wrapped up in headline tags then it must contain more important clues to your page contents than whatever appears in lowly paragraph tags

Unfortunately, Joomla! comes out-of-the-box with headings that are wrapped up in long ugly code. By changing a few lines in the content component, Veloniue has come up with an easy solution which h1 allows you to present your headlines in h2 or 3 tags. All the better for Search Engine Optimization.

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