How to Fill the SERPs with Your Company

There’s been a lot of talk recently about how Wikipedia dominates almost every search result delivered by Google:



It seems the only way to escape Wikipedia’s clutches is to be too unimportant to be included.


Recently, I’ve noticed a rival creeping up the rankings ….

Almost every time I searched, I found Technorati results in front of me. I decided to do a little digging: 

Which is the most powerful social site in the SERPs? 

{moschart id=17}


In terms of SERP domination, Technorati is the clear winner.


This is great news. I can’t control Wikipedia but I can submit as many blog posts to Technorati as I wish, all tagged with exactly what I want. Filling up the search engine results with positive mentions of our company’s name is a big help. If you’re not sure exactly why you’d want to control the top 20 or 30 results for your comapny, check out BlueHatSEO’s post about Keyword Real Estate and our earlier post about how people use SERP domination to hide scandalous news from the search engines.

Other sites that this can be done with, albeit with less success, include,,, and others.

How Can I Apply This to My Niche?

This trick works with general sites with Technorati but also with sites directly related to your niche. Lets take a simple example: Joomla. What would I do if I were building a brand new Joomla company?


Lets say our company name was and we built websites for soccer/football teams. I would look at all of the major Joomla news distribution sites and make sure that I owned the user account named "JoomlaUnited" at each of these sites and that I regularly submitted my news to them. These sites include:


Additionally, you can list for free at many directory sites:


Whatever niche you go into, make sure you find out which sites will give you free and relevant search engine results.


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