MosTree and Search Engine Optimization Part 2

A while ago, we talked about how to make MosTree more Search Engine Friendly. Well, we have a Part 2 to that article, this time dealing with the way the word “Root” appears in the directory homepage and the titles for the inside page are simply the name of the category. Looking for something more descriptive and full of keywords?

We have a small hack that may help. This will give you the ability to changes the page titles to something more Search Engine Friendly.

A word of caution – you will need to open the mtree.php and make the edits yourself in three places.


On line 223 change:

$mainframe->setPageTitle( $_MT_LANG->ROOT );


$mainframe->setPageTitle( ‘Whatever I want my main page title for MosTree to be’? );

On line 226 change:

$mainframe->setPageTitle( $cat->cat_name );


$mainframe->setPageTitle( $cat->cat_name. ‘ whatever I want to come after the category name on the category pages’? );

On line 1455 change:

$mainframe->setPageTitle( $link->link_name );


$mainframe->setPageTitle( $link->link_name . ‘ – whatever I want to come after the listing name on the individual listing pages’? );

If you wanted to, you could also add in default text for the meta keywords and description, under each of these edits. You would need to make changes to these lines:
Lines 229 to 236 (root and category page)
Lines 1457 to 1466 (listings page)

A final word of warning

  • please backup the original mtree.php file
  • you will probably need to redo these changes when upgrading to future versions.


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