SEO Problems to Avoid in Joomla!

This is one of an ongoing series of blog posts about problems with Joomla and SEO, and more importantly – how to fix them.


As we find time we're going to expand and merge these articles into a longer and more comprehensive guide to Joomla SEO. Watch this space.

  • Joomla produces your site name first and then your page title. For example, see this search.


Many Joomla sites will look like this when the ideal situation would be to have everything reversed:  Datso Gallery User Tab Plugin Released. Joomlapolis – the home of Community Builder. That way people could easily read what the page was about and it would rank better in Google.


Solution: JPromoter, or if you don't want to spend the money, keep your site title and page to a maximum of 35 characters.

  • Duplicate Content. This is a huge problem. I would definitely recommend:
  1. Turning off Print and PDF buttons because Google indexes these as new pages with the same content. Email buttons can stay.
  2. Checking all your modules to see whether they cause similar problems. We have found that AJAX Recommend is one module that does this.

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