Are You Selling Fear or Solutions?

We received an email this morning from listing security holes in various Joomla components.

I have an awful lot of respect for Phil and his work developing Mambo and now his components. However, I think the tone of the latest email could have been improved. People are understandably jumpy when it comes to security and I think he could have done a better job of pointing people towards freely available solutions rather than to his new security site.

There have always been third-party components with vulnerabilities and I’ve not seen any evidence that security exploits are increasing. What may be increasing is the number of hacker attacks. Some major Joomla sites are being attacked every 60-90 seconds. However, thats not much different from a computer plugged in to the internet.

Its not that difficult to secure your site. Here’s how…

Where to get started with Joomla Security

What to do if you use an extension on Phil Taylor’s list?

How to Recover from ANY hack

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