Joomla, WordPress, Drupal or simple old HTML

HummerbieA great post by Hummerbie over on his blog.

He followed up from our SEO test results and some musings about regular site updates over at SEO Refugee.

Hummerbie’s post raises the question of whether Google looks at your website software. Does Google treat your site differently if it is built with Joomla, WordPress, Drupal or simple old HTML?

Hummerbie quotes from his own personal experience:

I have Blogs based on WordPress, Websites based on Joomla and more recently I am running a Drupal based website.

Results from the Blog come in fast, lets say within a week or so. For Joomla and Drupal sites it takes longer to rank for the targeted keywords, mostly weeks and some months.

But the Blog results are dropping as fast as they come up, in a few weeks they are dropping of page one and decline over time.

The CMS results stay pretty much on the same position were they rank over time.

He tries to answer that question in his post, looking at the pros and cons of stripping out the metatag generator from your site and talking about a key Google patent application.

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